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Don’t wait while other coaches gain the edge.

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    Professional Coaching Tools™ Race Analyzer™ is a comprehensive tool designed to collect, organize, analyze and evaluate swimmers' competitive performance. Race Analyzer™ presents real time race data in a simple and readable format, enabling coaches and swimmers to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in performance and determine each individual's optimum racing strategy.

    Race Analyzer™ performs complex and tedious calculations in real time that cannot reasonably be performed by hand. The software objectively calculates the most significant parameters that influence every swimmer's competitive performance: Cycle Count per lap, Break Distance from start and turns, Tempo, Breakout Time, Drop Off, Distance Per Cycle, Pure Swimming Velocity, Turn Time, Time Spent Under Water, Distance Swum Under Water, 15 Meter Time/Velocity, 10 Meter Race Finish Time/Velocity.

    The apps for Apple IOS and Google Android compatible hardware compiles these massive amounts of complex data about each race into concise and informative race reports that can be viewed right on your phone or tablet. The Professional Coaching Tools™ web site will store your information and will be able to further analyze your data. Coaches and swimmers can then use the results of these reports to extrapolate their ideal racing strategy. In effect, these individualized race reports are designed to give coaches and swimmers an empowering "Bird's Eye" view of their race, offering them the advantage of being able to see how seemingly unrelated issues of technique do apply to their overall success as a competitive swimmer.

    Information derived from Race Analyzer™ will help you find new ways to improve your swimmers' competitive performance. What used to be an exclusive domain of elite swimming, it is now available to coaches of every level. You can provide feedback to swimmers of your team equal to that previously was available only to the world-class athletes.

    Don't wait while other coaches gain the edge. Try the Race Analyzer™ software today, it may become the most important device in your coaching toolbox. Many other coaches and sport scientists already say that it is.

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